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    We are passionate about building business and corporate brands in Africa. We are commited to working with government and the development sector to build our economies.

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    Having been involved in 100s of complex sales and strategic communications projects, we have developed professional methodologies for our services.

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    We bring a blend of industry and consultancy relationships, experience and know how.


Levanter Africa is incorporated in Nairobi, Kenya. We advise clients on strategic communications and business development to help them grow their revenues and build their reputations.


We work with organisations in financial services, ICT, energy, logistics and manufacturing,  health, development and goverment. We work on behalf of governments and the private sector, to talk to relevant stakeholders, expand into new markets and services, as well as respond to evolving client and public needs.


We have a team of ten full time professional consultants and four active professional associates that support our clients on industry research, content development and advocacy.


Levanter Africa is a partner of PROI Worldwide. With more than 100 offices in 75 countries across six continents, PROI worldwide is the world’s largest partnership of independent integrated communications agencies. PROI Worldwide. We are associated members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and our consultants are members of the Public Relations Society of Kenya.